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Acapella Websites

The 10 Best Websites to Get Quality Acapellas In 2020

Adding an acapella to your mix is a creative way to improve your DJ sets or productions. You can find a wide range of royalty-free acapellas online. These vocal-only tracks provide an easier and quicker alternative to vocalists. Finding a properly licensed and royalty-free acapella is particularly important if you […]

Free DJ Music

Top 10 Platforms to Legally Download Free DJ Music

Humans are innate music lovers. With the help of modern technology, you are able to bring your preferred playlist wherever you go. Every day, devices are being updated with music. Some of which are downloaded legally on online music stores, others through websites and applications that promote piracy. One of […]

The Ultimate Guide On Audio Compression

In this short tutorial, we’re looking at audio compression and how it can be applied to produce better songs and mixes. First, we’ll take up what audio compression is. Table Of Contents The Basics The Audio Compressor And Its Functions Why Even Compress Music? Setting Up Your Compressor Purposes Of […]

Music Promotion Services

The 10 Best Online Music Promotion Services

Are you looking for the best platforms for music promotion? Indie artists must take advantage of the trends in the music industry today. Spotify hits over 170 million monthly active users in 2018. Local bands and independent composers can showcase their work online on platforms like Spotify. With such platforms, […]

Guide To EQ

EQ: The Ultimate Guide To Mixing With Equalization

Among the most important and basic processes involved in music production is equalization or EQ. All musical producers need to have different types of EQ ready at their disposal. Equalization is used for many applications. These range from correcting and enhancing treatment to creatively reshaping tones. Equalizers are vital tools […]